51% take more in benefits than they pay in taxes (The Times)

CPS Economic Bulletin “Welfare Dependency Falls But Still Much Further To Go” was reported on by The Times, Tuesday 30 June 2015. 

“More than half of households received more in benefits last year than they paid in taxes, the Office for National Statistics said yesterday.

Some 51.5 per cent of households took in more than they contributed in 2013-14. The figure was lower than the peak of 53.5 per cent recorded in 2010-11, but remained well above the 43.8 per cent recorded in 2000-01.

This means 13.7 million households take more than they receive, including benefits in kind, such as education.

A report based on the ONS figures by the Centre for Policy Studies, published today, says that the figures display levels of “welfare dependency” that are too high. One of the authors, Adam Memon, urged the government to press ahead with welfare cuts.

Tim Knox, the centre’s director and the report’s co-author, added: “Dependency is falling, inequality is lower than at any time under new Labour and disposable income is increasing for all. So the policy implication for the new government is simple: go further, faster on welfare and employment reforms.”

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Date Added: Tuesday 30th June 2015