Who pays the piper – is state art the murderer of invention?

The Centre for Policy Studies is hosting a panel debate on state art versus liberty at the 2014 Margaret Thatcher Lecture on Liberty‘Who pays the piper – is state art the murderer of invention?’, to be held at the Guildhall on Wednesday 18 June 2014

The panel:

  • Chair: LIZZIE NOEL
  • SIR PETER BAZALGETTE – Chair, Arts Council
  • SIR SIMON JENKINS – Chairman of the National Trust
  • MUNIRA MIRZA – Deputy Mayor for Education and Culture of London
  • ED VAIZEY MP – Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries


  • Given that the state is the dominant sponsor of the arts in the UK, does state funding endorse mediocrity and discourage innovation?
  • Has state funding ensured the arts remain the preserve of the educated middle classes? Does it matter?

The panel will also be asked for their views on the future of the BBC and whether the organisation should remain fully taxpayer funded when its Royal Charter is renewed in 2016.

The conference is being held to mark the anniversary of the CPS, which was founded by Sir Keith Joseph and Margaret Thatcher 40 years ago this year.

Lizzie Noel comments: “I am delighted to be chairing a panel of such lively and distinguished people who will have much to say and much to disagree about. Certainly no group hugs. ”

CPS Director Tim Knox comments: “This contentious debate is taking place within the biggest political conference of the year. The conference will examine what liberty means in the modern world – particularly in regard to arts and culture within the free market.”

Attendance is by strict invitation but the CPS is actively encouraging journalists to attend.

Date Added: Monday 16th June 2014