WATCH: The Full Livestream of #Liberty2014

Below is the raw, unedited footage from the livestream of the Main Hall at the Centre for Policy Studies Margaret Thatcher Conference on Liberty. We will be producing shorter videos of each panel for easier consumption.

Key Moments

13:40: V.S. Naipul makes introductory speech

30:37: The EU and the Big Corporations: are they ganging up against liberty and its protector, the nation state? Chair: John O’Sullivan. Professor Richard Epstein, Daniel Hannan MEP, Charles Moore, Professor Michael Wohlgemuth

1:32:40: Tim Knox and Susan Walton introduce CapX – the digital news and commentary service for popular capitalism

2:07:05: Has the West gone soft? 25 years on from the fall of the Berlin Wall. Chair: John O’Sullivan. Esperanza Aguirre, Professor Niall Ferguson, Lord Powell, Taavi Rõivas, Radek Sikorski.

3:10:49 The Road from Serfdom: Lord Saatchi on  #ThePolicy

4:24:40 Big Government, Big Corporations: what chance for small business and innovation? Chair: Dr Philippa Malmgren. Dr Art Laffer, Professor Deepak Lal, Professor Deirdre McCloskey, John Micklethwait, Professor Luigi Zingales, Vernon Hill – Founder, MetroBank

5:48:31: “After America, what?” Chair: Professor Michael Clarke. Hon John Howard, Dr Keyu Jin, General Petraeus.

6:45:25 – General David Petraeus talks about the situation in Iraq.

7:30:00: Has the other side won? Or can liberty and popular capitalism fightback? Chair: Fraser Nelson. John Howard, Jason Kenney MP (Canada), and Toby Young.

8:38:20: New media and liberty. Chair: Justin Webb. Jonah Goldberg, Baroness Lane Fox, Joanna Shields, Rachel Whetstone.

9:34:40: A CONVERSATION: What does it mean to be a Conservative? Michael Gove MP, Roger Scruton, Rich Lowry, Charles Moore

If using extracts from this video please credit ‘Centre for Policy Studies,‘. 

Date Added: Thursday 19th June 2014