Britain must cut taxes and red tape to produce more entrepreneurs (Daily Telegraph)

SuperEntrepreneurs – and how your country can get them“, by Tino and Nima Sanandaji for the Centre for Policy Studies, was featured as a front page news story by The Daily Telegraph, Monday 28 April 2014.  

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“Britain is failing to produce enough globally successful entrepreneurs because of the burden of high taxes and red tape, a leading think has warned.

An analysis by the Centre for Policy Studies found that Britain does not even rank among the top 10 countries for producing billionaire entrepreneurs and is lagging behind Hong Kong, the US, Australia, Canada and Ireland.

In an article for The Telegraph, the report’s author, Dr Nima Sanandaji, says that the government should reduce capital gains tax and scrap the 45p rate if it wants to encourage potential entrepreneurs.

He also criticises Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, for suggesting that the Coalition’s welfare reforms are encouraging more people to come off benefits and become entrepreneurs.

Last week Mr Duncan Smith hailed Britain’s “entrepreneurial spirit” after the Bank of England highlighted figures showing a record 4.5 million people are self-employed.”

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Date Added: Tuesday 29th April 2014