VIDEO: Medical Innovation Bill: Lord Saatchi on cancer treatment (BBC Daily Politics)

CPS Chairman Lord Saatchi appeared on BBC Daily Politics on 16th January 2013 to discuss the Medical Innovation Bill. This video is courtesy of the BBC website.

“Lord Saatchi – best known as an advertising guru – is introducing a bill aiming to help find a cure for cancer 18 months after he lost his wife to a rare form of the disease.

The peer claimed the current treatment was “medieval, degrading and ineffective” and the law was a barrier to a cure.

His Medical Innovation Bill aims to prevent doctors from being held liable for clinical negligence if they innovate during cancer treatment.”

In the studio after the airing of the film, Conservative MP and doctor Dan Poulter said the government had helped speed up and finance “quick access to drugs” to help treat cancer.

He explained that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt had spoken to Lord Saatchi about his call for a change in the law with his Medical Innovation Bill.

Labour’s Douglas Alexander said “we all have got an interest in finding the right balances between innovation and safety”.

Date Added: Thursday 17th January 2013