The Maggies - A new award honouring Lady Thatcher's legacy

THE MAGGIES: a new political award for Parliamentarians and the media

A new award will be launched by the Centre for Policy Studies (the think tank co-founded by Margaret Thatcher) to honour the work of those Parliamentarians and journalists who have done most to build on the great achievements of Margaret Thatcher.

The first award will be made at a London venue on the first anniversary of Lady Thatcher’s death (8 April 2014).

The Award Categories, Judges, Nominations Procedure and Prizes, will be announced at a later date.

Lord Saatchi, Chairman of the Centre for Policy Studies comments:

“The ‘Centre Ground of politics’ is dull, flat, arid. That’s why the top Maggie will be for ‘Moving the Centre Ground’.”

Tim Knox, Director of the Centre for Policy Studies, comments:

“The essential lesson to be learnt in the week of her funeral is that Thatcherism is as relevant today as it was in the 1980s. In the words of The Economist, “Today, the world needs more Thatcherism” while The Sunday Times was also right when it said that “We need a Thatcherism for the 21st century”. These new Awards will honour those who do most to achieve this.”

Date Added: Sunday 21st April 2013