Teacher Qualifications (Daily Telegraph)

Tom Burkard, writer for CPS and co-founder of the Phoenix Free School arguing on the subject that the removing of unqualified teachers is not the right approach.

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“SIR – If Labour forms the next government, Stephen Twigg, the shadow education secretary, has promised that unqualified teachers in our free schools and academies will either have to get qualifications or face the sack (report, June 17). However, in America, three major studies have found that there is no statistically significant difference in the academic achievement of pupils taught by unqualified teachers.

Closer to home, our independent schools have long employed a significant percentage of unqualified teachers, yet they are widely regarded as among the best in the world. The same cannot be said of our state schools.

If Mr Twigg is prepared to sack teachers without any evidence that they are under-performing, he is merely betraying himself as a lackey of the teaching unions.”

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Date Added: Tuesday 18th June 2013