Saatchi on Thatcher

We are so sorry to hear of the death of our Founder Lady Thatcher.

Lord Saatchi, Chairman of the Centre for Policy Studies, comments:

Everyone wants to be immortal. Few are. Mrs Thatcher is. Why? Because her values are timeless, eternal. Tap anyone on the shoulder anywhere in the world, and ask what Mrs Thatcher “believed in”, and they will tell you. They can give a clear answer to what she “stood for”.

She developed all the winning arguments of our time – free markets, low tax, a small state, independence, individuality, self-determination. The result was a revolution in economic policy and three election victories in a row.

The CPS is proud to be a footnote in her history”.

Lady Thatcher, together with Sir Keith Joseph, founded the Centre for Policy Studies in 1974. As she was to comment:

We have accomplished the revival of the philosophy and principles of a free society… We set up the Centre for Policy Studies and it has propagated these ideas and they have been accepted.

Tim Knox, Director of the Centre for Policy Studies, comments:

The Centre for Policy Studies will strive to honour and promote Lady Thatcher’s great achievements. Britain today faces great challenges, similar in many ways to those of the late 1970s — in the economy, the European Union, the role of the state. We will continue to advocate and promote policies based on her founding principles.

Date Added: Monday 8th April 2013