Public sector pensions bill rises £7.4billion due to 'toxic tangle' with state reforms (MoneyMarketing)

Michael Johnson’s report, “A Toxic Tangle”, was featured in MoneyMarketing on Monday 4th February.

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“Influential think-tank the Centre for Policy Studies has warned public service pensions will cost an extra £7.4bn a year as a result of a “toxic tangle” with proposed state pension reforms.

Last month, the Government published a long-awaited white paper detailing plans to introduce a single tier state pension worth £144 a week for future retirees.

The publication of the white paper was delayed twice as policymakers wrestled with the complex issue of contracting-out.

CPS research fellow Michael Johnson says the reforms – which are due to be implemented in April 2017 at the earliest – will load an extra £7.4bn a year onto the cost of public sector pensions.

Around £3.4bn of this comes from the loss of the public sector employers’ National Insurance rebate following the abolition of contracting-out.

The additional £4bn follows the decision to allow contracted-out workers to continue to build up state pension entitlement up to the £144 a week single tier level.

To view the full article, please visit the MoneyMarketing website

Date Added: Monday 4th February 2013