Planning red tape gets thicker (Mail Online)

  • Damning analysis comes from right-leaning Centre for Policy Studies.
  • Authors say failure to speed up planning explains high house prices.

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The drive to tear up planning laws is not working and the government is actually introducing even more red tape, a report [by the Centre for Policy Studies] claims.

Ministers have repeatedly promised to relax the rules around new homes, extensions and larger developments to boost economic growth.

But a right-leaning think tank say the Coalition have brought in nearly twice as many new regulations as Tony Blair’s government.

Tim Knox, Director of the Centre for Policy Studies said: ‘The Coalition is right to have identified the complexity of the current planning system as a major obstacle to growth.

‘It should learn from the historic success of Milton Keynes and the plans for a new Garden City at Old Hatfield to see how implementing real reform can free up the planning process to the great benefit of both would-be homeowners and the wider economy.’

To view the full article, please visit the Mail Online website. 

Date Added: Monday 6th May 2013