Lt. Col. Allen West pays tribute to Lady Thatcher at CPAC 2013.

During his speech at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference in Fort Washington, Maryland, former Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West paid tribute to the leadership of Margaret Thatcher, contrasting it with current US President Barack Obama. 

We saw an example of true leadership, when you think about in 1979, Margaret Thatcher stepped into an unthinkable unemployment situation, a bankrupt treasury, trade unions on the warpath, staggering inflation, stagnant economy and a little violent war in the South Atlantic Sea. She never blamed her woes on the ten years prior of the Labour Party rule. With that indestructive spirit, Lady Thatcher got Britain working again. When we talk about giants, Lady Thatcher, the Iron Lady, is a representation of that giant.

You can see the section from 15.00 of this video:

Date Added: Thursday 14th March 2013