CPS wins 'Publication of the Year' at Think Tank Awards

The Centre for Policy Studies was delighted to be announced as the winner of Prospect Magazine‘s  ‘Publication of the Year’ for Andrew Tyrie MP and Anthony Peto QC’s ‘Neither Just Nor Secure‘ pamphlet, an examination of the government’s Justice and Security Bill.

Read the report ‘Neither Just Nor Secure‘ by Andrew Tyrie MP and Anthony Peto QC. #

Reaction to follow.

Media Impact: 

Yes, the intelligence services do a vital job. Yes, they are doing it in very difficult circumstances. Yes, they deserve our full support. But secret courts and ever-tighter restrictions on the disclosure of information in cases deemed ‘sensitive’ will damage Britain’s system of open justice and the reputation and effectiveness of the security agencies in the struggle against terrorism.”

Plans for secret courts to be voted on by MPs today will undermine centuries of open justice and erode Britain’s moral standing in the world, according to a hard-hitting new report.”

In a damning report written jointly with Anthony Peto QC for the Centre for Policy Studies, Mr Tyrie said the Bill, which will be debated in Parliament tomorrow (TUES), “sits uneasily with deeply entrenched and well-understood ways of providing justice in Britain”.”

Date Added: Thursday 27th June 2013