Tory Party heavyweights in public clash over UK's green agenda (Click Green)

Environmental policy site Click Green profiled the CPS debate ‘Is there a valid economic case for ‘going green’ in an ‘age of austerity’?’ in an article for their website. 

“Two Conservative Party grandees have had an astonishing public dust-up over the UK’s plans to invest in a green economy.

Former Chancellor Lord Lawson, a renowned climate sceptic, launched a personal attack on fellow former Cabinet member Tim Yeo accusing him of “economic illiteracy” and of promoting a “fashionable obsession”.

The clash was sparked yesterday when still serving MP Tim Yeo, the current chair of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, defended the argument for a valid economic case for ‘going green’.

In a debate for think-tank the Centre for Policy Studies, Yeo, wrote: “Convincing a stalwart sceptic about the risks of dangerous climate change in 800 words is challenging, so let’s start with what should be common ground: the UK needs a huge amount of investment in energy infrastructure in the next decade without which growth will be impossible.

“Our growth strategy must deliver reliable and affordable energy to consumers.””

To view the full article, visit the Click Green website.

Date Added: Wednesday 15th February 2012