Tim Knox comments on behald of CPS in Budget Analysis (Daily Telegraph)

CPS Director Tim Knox comments on the Budget measures in two Daily Telegraph Budget analysis articles.

On the Corporation Tax analysis, Louise Armitstead, Graham Ruddick and Roland Gribben quoted Tim Knox’s response to it’s cut.

“Tim Knox, director of the:Centre of Policy Studies, which had called for a radical cut in corporation tax, said: “Despite the bold rhetoric, the tax reforms are timid. They are moves in the right direction but little else. And the tinkering is irksome.” Click here to read the full article.

In the second article, Philip Aldrick quoted Tim Knox on the other business measures introduced in today’s budget:

“The other business measures “amounted to small scale tinkering”, the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) said. Planning reforms that will see the rulebook cut from 1,000 to 50 pages – “the biggest reduction in red tape ever undertaken”, Mr Osborne claimed – were welcomed. But other measures, from £100m for university research facilities to tax breaks for Wallace & Gromit, were “timid … and irksome”, the CPS director Tim Knox said.” Click here to read the full article

Date Added: Wednesday 21st March 2012