The Big Questions answered by Harriet Sergeant (The Independent)

This week’s instalment of ‘The Big Questions’ in The Independent were answered by CPS Research Fellow and ‘Among the Hoods’ author Harriet Sergeant. 

Harriet tackled such issues as “Do problem families need visits? Will we get an Olympics legacy? Talk or text?”.

Would daily visits to problem families (as recommended this week by Louise Casey, government adviser on the London riots) help to prevent a repeat of last year’s disturbances?

Teenage boys like the ones in the south London gang I befriended are rarely at home. They are on the road committing crime or hanging around street corners with nothing to do. The home visitor envisaged by Casey will join a long list of people – teachers, social workers, probation officers, YOTs, Connexion and Job Centre staff – who fail to provide what young people like my boys require: education, training and a job. “We don’t need another social worker,” said the leader of the gang, “What we need is a social worker’s wage.”

Are bankers worse role models than footballers for our nation’s youth?

The boys in my gang are clear. Footballers pay their fines. The bankers robbed us and got off scot‑free. Tuggy Tug, the gang leader, rang me from prison recently. “Everyone’s got a scam going,” he pointed out, “but only us get jail time.””

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Date Added: Monday 23rd July 2012