No Wonder They Can't Add Up (Daily Mail)

CPS Expert Kathy Gyngell discusses the poor condition of education and the impact it is having on children’s numeracy skills in her Right Minds Blog (Daily Mail)

In her article Kathy Gyngell confronts the knock-on effects of an education system that confuses children in their application of numeracy to real world situations and how this could alter their understanding of pay and their employability in the future.

“Today we had it confirmed in a new official report. The Brits’ grasp of number is even poorer than we thought. It is so poor in fact that 17 million adults have the mathematical ability of no more than a primary school child.

That’s nearly 50 per cent of the working age population. When millions struggle to work out even the deductions on their pay slips or to calculate change, no wonder so few are even in the running for a job on the Gatwick Express.”

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Date Added: Sunday 4th March 2012