Jacob Rees-Mogg MP calls for international aid and EU cuts, and a return to

Influential Tory-grassroots website Conservative Home have profiled the CPS’ lecture with Jacob Rees-Mogg that took place on 10th May 2012. 

“In a lecture to the Centre for Policy Studies last night, Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Member of Parliament for North East Somerset, called for targeting international development and the European Union for easy cuts to public expenditure:

“There are some savings that are easy and should be made as a priority. This includes our contributions to the European Union and our aid to other poorer countries. These are often separated but the reason we pay £12 billion to the EU is as a subsidy to the poorer member states. On top of this we pay out £7.8 billion in overseas aid. This is not the job of government but ought to be a matter of private charity. “”

To read the full article, visit Conservative Home.

Date Added: Friday 11th May 2012