Government Wrong To Ringfence Departments (Huffington Post UK)

The Huffington Post reports on the CPS publication How to cut government spending: lessons from Canada

“”Commenting on a report by Margaret Thatcher’s favourite thinktank the CPS, which recommended the coalition’s cuts should go further and take inspiration from the Canadian model, Martin said instigating unprecedented spending cuts protected his country from financial crisis.

Martin, who was Canadian prime minister between 2003-6, said Canada “cut spending in absolute terms”. By contrast in Britain government spending is set to increase in notional terms over the next five years.

The CPS argued the coalition could learn lessons from Canada’s “bold series of spending cuts” and should cut spending in real terms.

“The Canadian situation, there are many similarities [with Britain],” Martin said. “Our situation was certainly dire and we were one financial crisis away from the tipping point. “

And Martin said if Britain could learn anything from Canada’s experience in the mid 1990’s, it was not to inflict austerity measures more than once.””

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Remember to read the report, How to cut government spending: lessons from Canada

Date Added: Friday 13th January 2012