E-Bulletin: Charles Moore delivers Margaret Thatcher Lecture; Mark Garnier on banking reform

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Charles Moore delivers the Margaret Thatcher Lecture 2012

On Tuesday 23rd October 2012, former Daily Telegraph and Spectator Editor Charles Moore delivered the second Centre for Policy Studies Margaret Thatcher Lecture, titled ‘The EU v The Nation State: Who’s Winning?’ to a packed audience atBloomberg LP in the City of London.

Always insightful and with a sharp analysis, Moore (Lady Thatcher’s official biographer), examined  the extent to which the European Union had subverted the national interest of the UK in favour of the goal of a federated Europe, and whether the current government had a plan to fight for Britain’s interest in the wake of plans for further integration.

CPS Chairman Lord Saatchi, chairing the event, delivered a warm message to attendees from Lady Thatcher.

To watch the lecture, read a transcript of the speech and view photos from the evening, visit our event page for full coverage.

Media Impact:

Charles Moore, The Spectator: Lost in Europe
Nick Wood, The Daily Mail: What does Dave believe about Europe? Can he be a warrior for national independence?
James Forsyth, The SpectatorMargaret Thatcher and the Tory party’s change on Europe
Spectator View from 22 PodcastThe View from 22 — Lost in Europe

Reforming the Banking Industry – Mark Garnier MP

Mark Garnier MP, a prominent member of the Treasury Select Committee, delivered the annual CPS/1900 Club lecture at St. Stephen’s Club in Westminster, on the subject of ‘Reforming the Banking Industry’.

Garnier, a former Blue Button at the London Stock Exchange, spoke about the challenges facing the government as they seek to reform an industry under attack, mired in scandal and events unpredicted by all but a select few like the CPS, such as the imminent demise of the Euro and other problems facing banks on the continent.

To view the lecture and read a full transcript, visit our event page. Images from the event can be seen in our gallery.

CPS staff appointed at the heart of government

The CPS is delighted to offer congratulations to former Directors of Research Sam Talbot-Rice andStephen Parkinson who have been appointed Special Advisers to Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP at the Department of Health and Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP at the Home Office respectively.

We would also like to congratulate CPS authorsBrooks Newmark MP and Adam Holloway MP on their elections to Select Committees, Brooks to the Treasury SC and Adam to Defence.

Brooks has written for the CPS on the UK’s hidden debt bombshell, while Adam has written for us on the role of NATO in Afghanistan.

Peter Hitchens and Hugo Rifkind take part in CPS/CUCA debate

On 16th October 2012, prominent columnists Peter Hitchens and Hugo Rifkind took part in a debate co-organised by the Centre for Policy Studies and Cambridge University Conservative Association with the motion ‘In neglecting British values, the Conservatives have gone wrong’.

The event was chaired by CPS Head of Economic Research and Cambridge graduate Ryan Bourne. Bourne will also speak at the Cambridge Union debate, opposing the motion ‘This House Would Re-elect Obama‘ on Thursday 1st November.


These are short extracts from our fortnightly bulletin of 26th October. To read the full newsletter, visit the in-browser version, and sign up on the left of the page.

Date Added: Friday 26th October 2012