Double whammy from green taxes (Daily Mail)

Daily Mail report on the CPS publication ‘The Atomic Clock‘ by Tony Lodge. 

“Britons face soaring costs for fuel and family holidays as a result of green taxes, experts warn today.

A leading energy analyst has predicted that one in three households will face fuel poverty if the Government does not back a new era of nuclear power.

In a separate report, think-tank Civitas says that environmental charges imposed on airlines by Brussels from this week mean that a family of four will have to pay an extra £130 for return flights to the U.S. by the end of the decade.

The fuel poverty claim is made by Tony Lodge, a former adviser to the Conservatives, in a report from the Centre for Policy Studies.

He warns that failure to build new atomic plants will leave the country reliant on expensive foreign gas; the expense of importing this would then be passed on to customers through higher fuel bills.

Britain’s existing nuclear power plants are due to close within a few years.

As a result, the country’s nuclear capacity will fall by  75 per cent.

A number of coal-fired plants are also set to shut, as the Government strives to meet EU targets for reducing carbon emissions.

Wind farms – funded by green taxes on homes and businesses – will not be able to cover the resulting energy shortfall, Mr Lodge warns.

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Date Added: Wednesday 4th January 2012