CPS publication Metroboom features in two Telegraph Blogs (DT)

Centre for Policy Studies most recent publication Metroboom: Lessons from Britians recovery in the 1930s by George Trefgarne, has become an influential focus for two blogs by Daniel Hannan MEP and Daniel Knowles.

Hannan’s Blog deals with the UK’s recovery in the 1930s and wonders where the “real lessons” canbe learned.

“George Trefgarne has done us a tremendous favour by chronicling the success of that decade, with its car, textiles and construction booms. The figures in his paper, Metroboom, published today by the Centre for Policy Studies, speak for themselves.

You’re surprised? You vaguely thought that the 1930s was all about hungry people marching from Jarrow to Wigan Pier or some such? That’s a consequence of A-level economics, I’m afraid.”

Knowles’s blog compares the similarities of George Osborne and Neville Chamberlin during his tenure as Chancellor.

“I have just come across this rather excellent clip of the Chancellor of Exchequer in 1935, Neville Chamberlain, in a report by George Trefgarne on our economic policy for the Centre for Policy Studies. Chamberlain is introducing his Budget in a cinema newsreel – quite a novelty.”

Metroboom: Lesson from Britains recovery in the 1930s can be downloaded here

Date Added: Friday 16th March 2012