CPS Corporation Tax recommendations feature in Budget predictions (is4profit)

The Centre for Policy Studies’ Corporation Tax recommendations, by Michael Johnson has been featured as a predicted inclusion in this years Budget so says i4profit ion its Small Business News article.

“In last year’s Budget, the Chancellor pledged to reduce the headline rate of corporation tax, currently at 26%, in incremental stages to 23% by 2014. The Centre for Policy Studies has urged him to go further, slashing the rate to 20%, or even 10% in the longer term. Proponents of cuts to corporation tax say that it not only attracts more businesses from overseas and encourages new ones to set up in the UK, but that it also boosts confidence and provides businesses with more revenue for investment and, crucially, job creation – which means even more profits and more revenues for the taxman.”

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Date Added: Monday 5th March 2012