Businesses, investment and hoarding (Daily Telegraph)

In a recent analysis on the approaching Budget, Philip Aldrick (Daily Telegraph) refers to the CPS’s latest publication Metroboom by George Trefgarne.

Aldrick notes that this week’s Budget will push for businesses to invest to create growth and he mentions Metroboom: Lessons of Britain’s recovery in the 1930s by CPS expert George Trefgarne.

“In the 1930s, as George Trefgarne’s recent report for the Centre for Policy Studies made clear, the recovery was driven by a massive increase in household demand. It was the era of the building societies, the invention of hire purchase, and “metroland”, as evoked by John Betjeman, when housebuilders constructed the suburbs and families bought those new homes on credit.”

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Date Added: Saturday 17th March 2012