Building a Conservative Majority: Reintroduction of the 10p tax band (ConHome)

Tim Montgomerie, Editor of Conservative Home, acknolwedged the role played by the CPS and Lord Saatchi in the £10k personal allowance debate when discussing building a Conservative majority on ConHome. 

“The raising of the income tax threshold may not have been the policy of the Conservative Party at the last election but it’s been the policy of the Conservative movement for a long time. Lord Forsyth advocated it when he chaired a tax commission for George Osborne at the beginning of the last parliament. Lord Saatchi recommended it in a Centre for Policy Studies paper before that. Norman Tebbit has always been a big advocate of lifting the low-paid out of the income tax system. Other supporters have included Janet Daley, Charlie Elphicke, Robert Halfon and, on ConHome’s own pages, Edward Leigh.”

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Date Added: Monday 16th April 2012