Andrew Tyrie MP on the Coalition's growth strategy (ConHome)

Andrew Tyrie’s forthcoming CPS report mentioned by Paul Goodman in an article calling for faster and deeper cuts.

“Speaking ahead of the publication of a report he has written for the Centre for Policy Studies, Tyrie, the Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, suggested that the Chancellor’s growth strategy is “incoherent and inconsistent”, and said that some of the Government’s “piecemeal policies” need “radical improvement”.

“A coherent and credible plan for the long-term economic growth rate of the UK economy is needed,” he said.  “The Big Society; localism; the green strategy – whether right or wrong; these and other initiatives have seemed at best irrelevant to the task in hand, if not downright contradictory to it; likewise the huge spending hike on overseas aid and the cost of the Libyan expedition.” ”

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Date Added: Monday 20th February 2012