Why David Cameron must focus on the ecomony (Telegraph)

Patrick Hennessey of The Telegraph discusses David Cameron’s economic strategy and makes mention of Andrew Tyrie’s Centre for Policy Studies pamphlet “It’s the Economy”.

“The key argument, many Tory MPs suggest, was the one advanced by Andrew Tyrie, the Conservative chairman of the Treasury select committee, in his pamphlet for the Centre for Policy Studies which sparked controversy last/earlier this month by suggesting the government did not yet have a consistent strategy for growth.

Its thrust was obscured by the row engendered by a BBC report which wrongly claimed Mr Tyrie had been “nobbled” by senior Downing Street figures at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.

The MP last week obtained an apology from the BBC, in which the corporation admitted: “Our reports gave a misleading impression that Andrew Tyrie had been influenced by a Downing Street official to say something he did not believe to be true.””

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Date Added: Monday 7th November 2011