Unions outfoxing gov’t on pensions, finds ACA (FT Adviser)

FT Adviser reports on Michael Johnson’s research in the ACA discussion paper.

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As trade unions prepared for nation-wide strike action this week, the ACA published a discussion paper in which Michael Johnson, research fellow for the Centre for Policy Studies, said the Coalition Government had been “outmanoeuvred” by trade unions in negotiations over public sector pensions.

He said concessions made in early November had “wiped out” any scope for cost savings over the next decade and that the government was now verging on “unconditional surrender” to the unions.

He said: “The unions have comprehensively outwitted the coalition in the media war, harnessing to full affect the opportunities for obfuscation and bamboozlement offered by the pensions theme. The price will be paid by those who are not at the negotiating table – the private sector and the young.”

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Date Added: Friday 2nd December 2011