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CPS News

  • The CPS has partnered with Conservative Home to release a series of articles in which new Conservative MPs set out their visions for turbocharging growth. You can read Charlie Elphicke MP’s introduction – ‘Turbocharging growth’, as well as the first article in the series from Karen Bradley MP – ‘Cut the 50p rate, cut corporation tax, cut capital gains tax’
  • In his City AM column, Allister Heath has called for the Chancellor to embrace the regulatory reforms set out by Dominic Raab MP yesterday in his CPS report ‘Escaping the Straight Jacket’ – ‘Jobs and pay cut: it’s grim out there’
  • Yesterday was not only a big day for Dominic in terms of his CPS release, we also have the delight to congratulate him for winning ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at The Spectator’s Parliamentarian of the Year Awards. Congratulations to fellow CPS authors Andrew Tyrie MP and Adam Holloway MP who won Committee Chair and Backbencher of the Year respectively – ‘The Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year Awards winners’ (The Spectator)
  • Paul Goodman has also profiled Dominic Raab after his win for Conservative Home
  • Economic Researcher Ryan Bourne has investigated the underlying trends of youth unemployment behind yesterday’s alarming headline figures – ‘Youth Unemployment: cyclical and structural concerns’
  • Web 2.0 Manager Lewis James Brown has blogged on the racism row engulfing the head of FIFA Sepp Blatter – ‘Football’s Arab Spring – This Time Blatter has to go’
  • Lewis also blogged yesterday evening on the removal of the elected politicians in Greece and Italy in favour of unelected technocrats – ‘Is this how democracy dies? With thunderous applause’


Top Links

  • Sir Mervyn King: Britain on the brink of second credit crunch, Bank of England Governor warns (The Telegraph)
  • The fate of this Government is now in George Osborne’s hands (Peter Oborne, The Telegraph)
  • Occupy vs Tea Party: what their Twitter networks reveal (New Scientist)
  • Some advice for Osborne (The Spectator)
  • Any MP who decides to voluntarily change political party should resign and fight a by-election (Chris Skidmore MP, Conservative Home)
  • ‘Too Big to Fail’ Is Simply Too Big (Jon Huntsman, Wall Street Journal)
  • Northern Rock loss: a small taste of the catastrophic losses facing taxpayers (Matthew Elliot, The Mail Online)
  • Ex-MI5 head backs calls to legalise drugs (The Telegraph)
  • Does socialism work? A classroom experiment (Dan Mitchell, The Commentator)
  • Restoring Capitalism — Restoring America (Lynn de Rothschild, The Huffington Post)
  • Ken Livingstone: should we hang George Osborne? (Andrew Gilligan, The Telegraph)
  • Fresh Europe tensions for David Cameron (Evening Standard)
  • A new special relationship: the United States and Australia (Michael Weiss, The Telegraph)
  • Gutting the military (New York Post)

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Date Added: Thursday 17th November 2011