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Today’s stories from and about the CPS, as well as some of the most interesting articles seen online chosen by @LewisCPS.


  • The CPS today released ‘Escaping the Strait Jacket: 10 Regulatory Reforms to Create Jobs’ by Dominic Raab MP.
  • Dominic has authored articles on the paper for The Times  – ‘Red tape suffocates job creation. Here’s how to rip it away’ – and ConHome – ‘Red-tape in business is socially unjust, as well as being economically uncompetitive’
  • Dominic also commented on today’s employment figures
  • Ryan Bourne has written for The Commentator on the proposals – ‘Let’s end talk of a ‘lost generation’ and make it easier for the private sector to create jobs’
  • CPS Research Fellow Janet Daley writes for The Telegraph on the European Union and Italy –
  • Robin Harris, whose book The Conservatives: A History is launched at the CPS next Tuesday, writes for the Mail’s Right Minds blog – ‘Mr Cameron is intelligent and polished – but he simply doesn’t understand the Conservative party’

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Date Added: Wednesday 16th November 2011