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  • Ted Bromund, Senior Research Fellow at the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., blogs on American state-to-state migration and how this compares to the European model – ‘Americans Move, But Will The Result Change?’
  • Tom Burkard, Education Research Fellow at the CPS, has a letter published in The Telegraph about private bodies running universities – ‘For-profit education’
  • Another letter in The Telegraph urging David Cameron to defends the City from proposed EU measures was signed by CPS board member Lord Flight and several recent authors including Dominic Raab MP and Charlie Elphicke MP – ‘David Cameron must defend the City of London against EU measures that will wreck our economy’
  • made mention of CPS Head of Economic Research Ryan Bourne’s factsheet update when discussing inflation-linked bonds – ‘New inflation-linked bonds could lose you money’

Top Links



  • We Tories must conserve our compassion (Tim Montgomerie, The Guardian)
  • Tory MP clashes with minister over supersewer work in residential area (Evening Standard)
  • Boris Bus Will Be On Time (Guido Fawkes)
  • Is Boris Johnson mounting a ruthless leadership campaign against Cameron?  He should beware, the assassin rarely gets to wear the crown (Mail Online)


  • Britain may never get a better opportunity to create a new relationship with the EU (David Davis MP, Conservative Home)
  • Why Westminster watchers miss the point (Douglas Carswell MP)
  • David Cameron enters the European valley of death (sort of) (Michael White, The Guardian)
  • For his own sake, Nick Clegg must rule out becoming our next European Commissioner (Dan Hannan MEP, The Telegraph)
  • The bomb in the living room (Tim Montgomerie, The Spectator)
  • We are at a historic crossroads in our relationship with the EU. It’s time for a referendum. (Bill Cash MP, Conservative Home)
  • Grayling, Howarth and Villiers join IDS and Paterson in telling Cameron to toughen up (Paul Goodman, Conservative Home)

World Politics


  • Competitive Daily Mail hating: the most tiresome game on the internet (Milo Yiannopoulos)
  • Who’d have thought it? Criminals don’t like the police. But that doesn’t make rioters social victims (James Hargrave, The Commentator)


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Date Added: Thursday 8th December 2011