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Today’s stories from and about the CPS, as well as some of the most interesting articles seen online chosen by @LewisCPS.


  • The new CPS website has launched. Read my short introduction
  • Lucy Gilchrist is our first blogger on the new website, she shares her thoughts on Ruth Davidson’s victory in the Scottish Conservatives’ leadership election – ‘Personality Driven Change?’
  • Nadhim Zahawi MP and Matt Hancock MP were part of a CPS lunch event today titled “Changing the Culture of Banking”. The authors of ‘Masters of Nothing’ talked to us about their book and the subject of the lunch. You can view the videos here –
  • The House magazine has also published an excellent interview with Matt Hancock MP which is well worth a read – ‘Capitalism reconceived’
  • CPS Research Fellow Tony Lodge on the UK’s over dependency on gas for its energy needs – ‘We are too dependent on gas for our energy’ (Yorkshire Post)
  • Patrick Hennessey writing on why David Cameron needs to concentrate on his plan for growth makes mention of Andrew Tyrie’s CPS pamphlet “It’s the Economy” – ‘Why David Cameron must focus on the economy’ (Telegraph)

Top Links

  • Raab Law should apply to all public services (Conservative Home)
  • Labour peer Philip Gould has died aged 61 (BBC News)
  • Collapse of the euro ‘will help Britain’ (Telegraph)
  • Get tough on Europe, IDS tells Cameron: As minister admits bailout could cost UK £40bn, crisis talks for Tories (Daily Mail)
  • Indy Drop the D-Bomb (Guido Fawkes’ Blog)
  • UK is the world’s biggest country – judged by its liabilities (Telegraph)
  • Ken Livingstone says Tories should ‘burn in hell for all eternity’ (Andrew Gilligan, Telegraph)
  • Tax Transparency is Just as Important as Spending Transparency (John O’Connell, Huffington Post)
  • Andrew Lilico: There are three key strands to the issue of credit easing (Conservative Home)
  • I’m investing in tinned food, a shotgun and a farmhouse on a remote Scottish island. We’re all doomed (Daniel Knowles, Telegraph)
  • Euro crisis: there is now hope for the liberation of Greece (Lord Tebbit, Telegraph)
  • The EU sunders Greek politicians from their people (Daniel Hannan, Telegraph)



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Date Added: Monday 7th November 2011