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Today’s stories from and about the CPS, as well as some of the most interesting articles seen online.

Top CPS stories

  • Nigel Knight blogs on the u-turns of David Cameron’s government and argues Cameron is a Heath character who lacks the ‘gravitas of Macmillan or the sure touch of Baldwin – ‘U-Turn? I want to! – David Cameron’s first 18 months’
  • Head of Economic Research Ryan Bourne has some more thoughts about the Autumn Statement – ‘Autumn Statement: some more observations’
  • Hugo de Burgh blogs on the cultural bureaucracy in China – ‘China and its Culture Industries’
  • CPS Research Fellow Keith Boyfield in Dublin Finance – ‘The eurozone implodes: politicians’ dreams encounter a stark reality check’

Today’s Top Links



  • Don’t let U.S. bully us over skewed Extradition Act: It’s time for MPs to stand up for British justice (Mail Online)
  • Christmas Should Be Political, Says Think tank Theos (Huffington Post)
  • Sketch: Ed Miliband’s quest to woo women (The Telegraph)
  • The public overwhelmingly rejects taxpayer funding for political parties (ConHome)
  • The Government’s economic strategy is failing – Labour must ditch Ed Balls if they are to exploit it (Daniel Knowles, The Telegraph)
  • Labour’s secret army has turned on Ed Balls. Vive la résistance! (Daniel Hodges, The Telegraph)


  • Woman takes up MEP post despite not a single vote being cast for her (Mail Online)
  • Millions were spent preparing UK to join the euro (North East Journal)
  • Ain’t you just proud to be a Conservative? (Roger Helmer, TFA)
  • Merkel urges euro fiscal union to tackle debt crisis (BBC News)
  • Unintentionally hilarious EU video celebrates ten years of the ‘success’ of the euro (Dan Hannan MEP, The Telegraph)

World Politics

  • Group calls for Bush arrest (
  • Setback For Putin As Russian Elections Loom (Sky News)
  • We don’t want to carry out military strike on Iran to end nuclear programme… but might have to, says Israeli foreign minister (Mail Online)
  • Russia’s elections: Not quite back to the USSR (Harry Cole, The Commentator)




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Date Added: Friday 2nd December 2011