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  • Dr. Stefan Andreasson of Queens University Belfast blogged on the rise of the BRICS and why it adds an important new dimension not only to the future of the EU and the economies of the West, but also to the on-going debate about Britain’s role in Europe and the world – ‘Britain and Europe in the Emerging Markets Century’
  • Head of Economic Research Ryan Bourne with a closer examination of the headlines about top executive’s pay – ‘Executive pay: beware the headline figures’
  • CPS Board Member Fraser Nelson published the first of his new weekly columns for The Telegraph today – ‘Europe: the plates are shifting – and David Cameron risks being stranded’
  • CPS Council member John Redwood – ‘Soundbites to sum up a week – and a gripping democratic argument’
  • CPS Council member Tim Montgomerie of Conservative Home – ‘Capitalism is in danger’

Top Links

  • David Cameron: London is under constant attack from Europe (James Kirkup, Telegraph)
  • Now even Europe’s human rights chief admits British Bill of Rights is ‘the right thing to do’ (Mail Online)
  • The Occupy protest at St Paul’s Cathedral – a parable of our times (George Carey in the Telegraph)
  • PM Announces Royal Succession Reforms Agreed (Joey Jones, Sky News)
  • Ministers have time for ‘time zone shift’ review (


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Date Added: Friday 28th October 2011