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  • Economic Researcher Ryan Bourne looks ahead to tomorrow’s Statement from the Chancellor in his blog – ‘The Autumn Statement: maintain credibility and go for growth’
  • On Friday, the CPS launched its first ‘Growth Bulletin’ looking ahead to tomorrow’s Autumn Statement
  • Director Tim Knox opined that we should be backing, not bashing, RBS in The Sun’s business section on Saturday – ‘Bank on bankers’
  • CPS Research Fellow Michael Johnson has provided a detailed analysis of the public sector pensions challenge for Placard magazine – ‘Closing the gap between private and public sector pensions shouldn’t just be about levelling-down’
  • CPS Board Member Fraser Nelson and Guilty Men pamphlet author Peter Oborne were named 5th and 13th respectively in Total Politics list of the Top 100 Political Journalists 2011

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  • Ed Balls asked Jim to Fix It for him to be a drummer (John Rentoul, The Independent)
  • More taxpayer funding for the unions than under Labour (Harry Phibbs, Mail Online)
  • Michael Gove launches a fierce attack on union leaders: this is not the way to appeal to the centre ground (Daniel Knowles, The Telegraph)
  • Four more years of Boris Johnson, says poll (Evening Standard)
  • In Defence of Margaret Thatcher (Peter Watt, Dale & Co.)
  • Ed not doing the business (Paul Waugh, Politics Home)

US Politics

  • Why Gingrich’s immigration plan is unworkable (David Frum, CNN)
  • The Union-Leader is endorsing Newt Gingrich in 2011, but in 1992 it called him a ‘prostitute’ (Timothy Stanley, The Telegraph)


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Date Added: Monday 28th November 2011