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Today’s stories from and about the CPS, as well as some of the most interesting articles seen online chosen by @LewisCPS.


  • Kieron O’Hara, University of Southampton and CPS Research Fellow, argues that we are all complicit in the actions of the bankers and should share some of the blame – ‘The Banks: Symptoms or Causes’
  • Research Fellow Michael Johnson has attacked Nest’s cautious investment strategy as “the next misselling scandal” – ‘Michael Johnson: ‘Nest caution will be the next misselling scandal’’
  • Andrew Stuttaford of the Weekly Standard has reviewed CPS pamphlet Guilty Men – ‘Right but Repulsive – The trashing of Britain’s euroskeptics’
  • CPS Board Member Fraser Nelson has written for The Spectator on today’s EU Referendum vote – ‘Tory Wars, redux’


Other Links

  • Diageo boss Paul Walsh threatens to cut top jobs in UK over 50% tax (The Guardian)
  • A thinking Tory? The BBC finds the idea absolutely hilarious. (David Hughes for The Telegraph)
  • 64% of Tory members don’t believe that Cameron wants to change UK-EU relationship (Tim Montgomerie on ConHome)
  • Mary Ann Sieghart: Cameron picks a fight when he doesn’t need to (Independent)
  • David Cameron: closer European integration could marginalise Britain (The Telegraph)
  • Europe is an issue that won’t go away for David Cameron (James Chapman, Daily Mail)
  • Our Shameless society: JOHN HUMPHRYS on how the welfare state created an age of entitlement (Mail Online)
  • Publishing road-works, cycle routes and car parking data will finally get Britain moving (Francis Maude in The Telegraph)
  • Ten times as many people are demonstrating in Westminster for an EU referendum as in the City against banks. Who do you suppose will get more coverage? (Daniel Hannan MEP for The Telegraph [Saturday with update])
  • The key to a woman’s heart? Economic growth, believe it or not (Ruth Porter for The Telegraph)
  • Ken Livingstone: Yes, my private life is unconventional… but it’s all very amicable (Evening Standard)


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Date Added: Monday 24th October 2011