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  • The CPS today released its report ‘Credit Where It’s Due’ by James Conway and Michael O’Connor in which they examine the case for credit easing to SMEs and recommend a least distortionary intervention – ‘Credit Where It’s Due’
  • The report garnered coverage on Sky News – ‘Lloyds Pledges New Loans For Small Business’
  • A survey of small businesses undertaken by B2BUSINESS in conjunction with the Centre for Policy Studies has found strong support for many of the proposals for reform of employment regulation made by Dominic Raab MP in Escaping the Strait Jacket – ten regulatory reforms to create jobs – ‘Support for Dominic Raab’s CPS regulatory reform proposals’
  • Robin Harris last night launched his book ‘The Conservative Party: A History’ at the CPS. A review of the event can be read at The Spectator – ‘Drinking to the ‘remarkable’ survival of the Tory party’
  • A selection of photos from the evening can be seen on our Flickr account
  • Yesterday evening, Kieron O’Hara blogged for CPS on the Occupy protests and what pro-Capitalists may be able to learn from them – ‘Abstraction, Rage and Constructive Change’
  • Stephen Hammond MP completed the CPS/Conservative Home series of articles based around the Growth, Growth, Growth publication – ‘A bonfire of the regulations’
  • Charlie Elphicke MP yesterday authored the penultimate piece – ‘We need to reform the banks so they can finance the recovery’
  • CPS Research Fellow Janet Daley blogged on James Murdoch’s resignation from two NI subsidiaries ‘James Murdoch has resigned – sort of’

Top Links

  • David Cameron challenges Red Ed to condemn next week’s public sector strikes (Tim Montgomerie, Conservative Home)
  • Key Bank Reform Set To Be Ditched (City AM)
  • Deficit Reduction Delayed? (John Redwood, The Commentator)
  • Steve Jobs biopic offered to Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin (Guardian)
  • After wobbling a few months ago Cameron is king of PMQs again (Tim Montgomerie, Conservative Home)
  • The ‘Arab whore’ Twitter incident is bad PR for the Conservative Party. But is Benedict White really a ‘Tory activist’? (Katherine Birbalsingh, The Telegraph)
  • Why the Left should love Margaret Thatcher (Paul Abbott, Tory Reform Group)
  • What would a Mitt Romney presidency mean for Britain? (Will Heaven, The Telegraph)
  • The GOP Debate over Protecting America (Heritage)
  • PMQ’s: David Cameron is fooling the country (Harry Cole, The Commentator)
  • The poison of taxpayer-funding for political parties (Crash, Bang, Wallace)
  • A year in and our EU crusade is on course for victory (Patrick O’Flynn, Daily Express)
  • Osborne Said to Back Low-Rate Bank Loans for Firms in Credit-Easing Plan (Bloomberg)
  • We can’t judge Israel on standards few Western countries would match (Matthew Sinclair, Conservative Home)
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 EDM Causes Controversy Among MPs (Huffington Post UK)
  • Guido Fact Check – Ed Misled (Order Order)

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Date Added: Wednesday 23rd November 2011