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Today’s stories from and about the CPS, as well as some of the most interesting articles seen online chosen by @LewisCPS.


  • Head of Economic Research Ryan Bourne blogs on the latest set of public sector spending figures – ‘Public sector finances for September 2011’
  • Michael Johnson comments on compulsory pension enrolment – ‘Compulsion would be ‘political suicide’’ (Money Marketing)
  • Emma Boon of the Taxpayers’ Alliance writes for City AM on merging income tax and National Insurance and quotes CPS research on marginal tax rates – ‘Merging national insurance with income tax will boost transparency and cut costs’
  • Peter Oborne, author of CPS publication Guilty Men, writes for The Telegraph on the future of Libya after the killing of Gaddafi – ‘With Gaddafi gone, who will run the new Libya?’


Other Links

  • What your payslip should tell you (Matthew Elliott for Mail Online)
  • Let us speak for the people and pull back from Europe (Dominic Raab MP for The Times, £)
  • Tory MPs Face a Weekend of Soul Searching – IDS Leaning on Dave (Order Order)
  • The Greek Crisis in a Single Chart (Alex Massie for The Spectator)
  • After Gaddafi: Now we must take down Assad and Ahmadinejad (The Commentator)
  • Gang culture must be stopped early, says Iain Duncan Smith (The Guardian)
  • November elections in the DRC matter: to its citizens, to European taxpayers, and to democracy in Africa. (Nirj Deva MEP for The Commentator)


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Date Added: Friday 21st October 2011