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Today’s stories from and about the CPS, as well as some of the most interesting articles seen online chosen by @LewisCPS.


  • Last night saw Allister Heath deliver the lecture ‘How to Revive the British Economy’ the first part of which can be seen on our YouTube. Allister’s column this morning – ‘Capitalists: the real revolutionaries’
  • Ryan Bourne, Head of Economic Research, on today’s inflation figures and the headache for the Coalition – ‘Inflation wasn’t acceptable in the 1980s – 5 reasons why it will hurt the Government’
  • Professor Yorick Wilks blogs on the Bitcoin virtual currency – ‘If we lose trust in money, is internet currency a plausible alternative?’
  • Ryan Bourne, author of pamphlet Adrenalin Now, responds to the article by Richard Darlington (Head of News, IPPR) in the New Statesman regarding cutting the international aid budget – ‘A response to “Think Tank plan to cut aid would cost millions of lives”’
  • The original New Statesman article by Richard Darlington can be read here – ‘Think tank plan to cut aid would cost millions of lives’


Other links

  • Volcker is right; a little inflation is a dangerous thing (Jeremy Warner, The Telegraph)
  • Biggest Inflation Squeeze Since 1970s Oil Crisis (Ed Conway, Sky News)
  • Libertarian leafleters hit out at anti-capitalist protestors (City AM)
  • Wall Street is the Wrong Place to Occupy (Heritage Foundation)
  • Twitter chief: We will protect our users from Government (The Telegraph)
  • Ed Miliband keeps rushing out panicky announcements. The Government ignores them and voters are bored (Dan Hodges, The Telegraph)
  • Radiation Spreading Across Jonah’s Constituency – Yet Brown is Silent About it in Parliament (Order Order)


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Date Added: Tuesday 18th October 2011