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  • Today the CPS released its report ‘Growth, Growth, Growth: New ideas for growth and prosperity in the 21st century’ by Harriett Baldwin, Karen Bradley, Charlie Elphicke, Chris Heaton-Harris, Jo Johnson and Claire Perry, all MPs from the new intake
  • Continuing the article series around the release with Con Home, Harriett Baldwin has written for the website – ‘Welfare could be localised and extra children shouldn’t always mean more benefits’
  • The BBC also covered Harriett’s article – ‘Cap child tax credit after four children, says MP’
  • Director Tim Knox was quoted in a Telegraph article on MOD advisers – ‘MoD has spent nearly £600m of equipment budget on outside consultants and advisers’
  • CPS Founder Margaret Thatcher has been voted the leader most likely to ‘knock Britain into shape’ by an overwhelming 60% of those who took part in the Money Saving Expert poll – ‘Margaret Thatcher voted leader to ‘knock Britain into shape’’

Top Links

  • Refusing EU referendum ‘risks more riots’ (
  • Eurozone debt web: Who owes what to whom? (BBC News)
  • Parliamentary Labour Party Coordinating Union Obfuscation (Order Order)
  • More additions to the GMB squad (Digital Politico)
  • Ken Livingstone on Tony Blair and New Labour: ‘Go and bring a private prosecution against him for war crimes’ (Dan Hodges, The Telegraph)
  • Like Ed, we should all be friends of Israel (Paul Richards, Progress)
  • What does the ‘carbon floor price’ mean? More emissions and fewer jobs (Matthew Sinclair, The Spectator)
  • Europe’s new fascists are closet liberals (Timothy Stanley, The Commentator)
  • How can teachers show their ‘commitment’ to ‘the vitally important job they do’ by going on strike? (Toby Young, The Telegraph)
  • America’s $15 Trillion Nightmare (Heritage)
  • Nick Pickles: Far too many surveillance powers are exercised beyond scrutiny and without accountability (Conservative Home)
  • Tim Farron: Labour ‘utterly dishonest’ about state of economy (The Guardian)

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Date Added: Friday 18th November 2011