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Lewis James Brown, Web 2.0 Manager at the CPS, considers the Occupy protests in London and concludes that supporters of smaller government have failed to build on the pre-election calls of writers like Fraser Nelson and Janet Daley to convince the electorate of the moral case for a smaller state – ‘Supporters of the smaller state have failed to make the moral case for cuts’

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Bill Jamieson writes on the UK economy for The Scotsman and makes mention of Ryan Bourne’s Adrenalin Now paper – ‘Bill Jamieson: UK has to get a grip on growth’

Board Member Fraser Nelson on the UK’s vast supply of Shale Gas and how it is being ignored – ‘The poverty of Britain’s energy debate’ (The Spectator)

Allister Heath lectures tonight for the CPS on ‘How to Revive the British Economy’. His column is a must read as always – ‘Time to shake up transport policies’ (City AM)

CPS Research Fellow Cristina Odone – “Why Paul Goodman is right (and brave) to take on Douglas Murray’s Muslim-bashing” (The Telegraph)

Other links

The Ernst & Young ITEM Club economic forecast

Eurozone economy: G20, UK and US pressure on EU (Andrew Neil for BBC) 

The Tory Right will use a referendum vote to tell David Cameron what it really thought of that reshuffle (The Telegraph)

City of London protests: You’ve picked the wrong target, comrades (Daniel Hannan for The Telegraph)

It’s time to get emotional in support of markets (Crash Bang Wallace)

Big Brother bin searches double in a single year as councils snoop through the rubbish of 30,000 families (Daily Mail)

Paul Goodman: Why the Conservative frontbench broke off relations with Douglas Murray – and what happened afterwards (Conservative Home)

Multiculturalism: if the Aussies ‘get it’, why don’t we? (The Commentator)

More privileges for prisoners (Taxpayers’ Alliance)

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Date Added: Monday 17th October 2011