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  • The CPS launched its debate series today with “DO CRITICS OF CONSERVATIVE EURO-SCEPTICS HAVE ANYTHING TO APOLOGISE FOR?”. Arguing that they do is Telegraph journalist and Guilty Men author Peter Oborne, and taking the contrarian view is Times journalist David Aaronovitch. After you have read their positions, got to comments below and let us know your views. The best responses will be featured online
  • The CPS also released the first E-Bulletin under our new design to fit in with the new website. Catch up on all the latest CPS news
  • CPS Economic Researcher Ryan Bourne blogged on the need for the government to consider the Fair Fuel UK campaign to scrap the planned fuel duty raise a necessary measure for growth – ‘Fuel duty review – necessary as part of a growth strategy’

Top Links

  • Scrap rise in petrol duty: 100 MPs demand Osborne abandon planned 3p increase (Daily Mail)
  • PM stalls over planned 3p petrol price rise as 110,000 sign e-petition in protest (The Times, £)
  • Women to get the first look at Downing Street policy (Telegraph)
  • Meryl Streep film The Iron Lady wows British critics (BBC News)
  • Nick Clegg clashes with David Cameron over Europe (The Guardian)
  • Occupy Wall Street: New York police clear Zuccotti Park (BBC News)
  • Call it what it is: The Government should merge income tax and National Insurance (Jonathan Isaby, Conservative Home)
  • BBC Caught Selling News Slots to Climate Change Crusaders (Order Order)


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Date Added: Tuesday 15th November 2011