The decline of marriage: ­the government has hardly been neutral in the matter Mr Clegg (Mail Online)

CPS Research Fellow Kathy Gyngell blogs for the Mail’s Right Minds collection. 

“Nick Clegg clearly is not satisfied with making himself a complete idiot over Europe. Now, to get his pound of flesh from the Conservatives, he reveals yet another dimension to his ignorance.

Though he would impose the macro management of the EU on us without a vote he complains that the introduction of a £150 value transferable tax allowance would constitute government micro managing our lives.

He should not worry. Though a nod in the right direction for once, there is small chance that this, on its own, could possibly recompense for successive governments undermining of the married family.  For contrary to what Clegg thinks the State has been hardly neutral in this matter. It is the policies of successive government that are to blame for the record marriage low we hit in 2009.”

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Date Added: Tuesday 20th December 2011