Still think striking is a good idea? (Mail Online)

Head of Economic Research Ryan Bourne was quoted in a Daily Mail article on the Autumn Statement’s impact on the public sector. 

“George Osborne tightened the screw on the bloated public sector yesterday as Britain was warned it faces years of even more grinding austerity.

With more than two million strikers forecast to cause chaos today for schools, councils, the NHS and border controls, the Chancellor stunned unions with an unexpected triple whammy of cost-cutting measures.

Ryan Bourne, head of economic research at the Centre for Policy Studies, a Thatcherite think-tank, said: ‘There are still many areas of Government expenditure that are a luxury for the economic circumstances that face us, and a hurricane from the continent could lead to a rapid decline in market confidence in our ability to pay our debts.'”

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Date Added: Wednesday 30th November 2011