More free child care places won't win over women, Mr Osborne (The Telegraph)

CPS Research Fellow Cristina Odone has written for The Telegraph on the Autumn Statement and the provision of more free early education. 

“I wish I’d sent the Chancellor a copy of the pamphlet I wrote two years ago for the Centre for Policy Studies, “What Women Really Want“. He needn’t have read my analysis of what was troubling women, but just a brief glance at the YouGov poll included would have set him straight on child care: only 12 per cent of mothers wanted to work full-time and nearly a third, 31 per cent, did not want to work at all. In families where there were two children under five and the father worked, one per cent of mothers said it was right to work full-time and nearly half, 49 per cent, thought a mother should not work at all.”

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Date Added: Wednesday 30th November 2011