For-profit education (The Telegraph)

CPS Research Fellow Tom Burkard is featured in The Telegraph’s letters page on private sector-run universities. 

SIR – Sally Hunt, the general secretary of the University and College Union, and 470 other directors and academics from British universities are “deeply concerned” about the Government’s proposal to allow private bodies to run universities (Letters, December 7). They claim that for-profit providers in the United States have high drop-out rates and high rates of default on student loans.

These people are wise to draw attention away from Britain, where Buckingham, our only established private university, consistently ranks first for student satisfaction in the Times Higher Education survey. While enrolment at many of our newer state-run universities is dropping precipitously, Buckingham can’t build facilities fast enough to keep up with increased demand.

It is hardly surprising that the likes of Miss Hunt are desperate to protect the privileges of the state sector.

Tom Burkard
Centre for Policy Studies

Reproduced from The Telegraph’s Letters page.

Date Added: Thursday 8th December 2011