CPS figures featured in Total Politics Top 100 Political Journalists 2011

CPS Board Member Fraser Nelson and Guilty Men author Peter Oborne were today featured at 5th and 13th respectively in the Total Politics Top 100 Political Journalists annual list.

On Nelson, TP said:

“a former News of the World columnist, described the paper’s closure as “the end of an era of investigatory journalism”. He has been editor of The Spectator since 2009, taking over from Matthew d’Ancona. He is also a prolific TV pundit.”

While Guilty Men was mentioned in Oborne’s profile:

“Oborne continues to be one of the most bullish media critics of the EU. This autumn he co-authored a pamphlet, Guilty Men, attacking European integrationists among the British political class. In September, he also presented Dispatches, chronicling Tony Blair’s business dealings since leaving office.”


To view the full countdown, visit Total Politics.

Date Added: Monday 28th November 2011