Migration Migration Migration – What do the numbers tell us?

23/11/2023 - 23/11/2023

On 23 November, the Office for National Statistics will publish the latest migration statistics – with provisional migration figures for the year to June 2023, updated estimates for 2022, and revised numbers for the decade to 2021.

The Centre for Policy Studies will be hosting an expert panel to dissect the numbers, analyse the trends, and ask what the numbers tell us about the Government’s plans to take back control. We’ll also be looking at the impact record migration is having on the housing and labour markets.

Join CPS Deputy Research Director Karl Williams, Conservative MP Neil O’Brien, the Telegraph’s Poppy Coburn, LSE’s Alan Manning and the Legatum Institute’s Fred de Fossard on Thursday 23 November from 5.30pm.

Thursday 23 November from 5.30pm
Committee Room 11, Houses of Parliament


  • Karl Williams – CPS Deputy Research Director
  • Neil O’Brien – Conservative MP
  • Poppy Coburn – Assistant US Opinion Editor, The Telegraph
  • Alan Manning – Professor of Economics, LSE
  • Fred de Fossard – Head of the British Prosperity Unit, The Legatum Institute