In conversation with Huw Merriman MP: Is Road Pricing the Future?

04/02/2022 - 04/02/2022

On Friday 4th February, the Transport Select Committee will release its report into road pricing. In this CPS webinar, Huw Merriman MP (Chair, Transport Select Committee) sits down with Eamonn Ives (Head of Energy and Environment, CPS) to discuss the report and examine how road pricing could be implemented in the UK.


Slowly but surely, British motorists are switching away from petrol and diesel cars, and towards battery-electric models. While this transition will help cut carbon emissions, it also presents a challenge to the Treasury – which relies on current motoring taxes to pay for road maintenance and other essential public services too.

Is road pricing – where motorists are charged for using roads instead of driving certain types of car – the solution to this dilemma? What other effects might it have? And if it is the future, how might it work?