Power to the people: how to improve consumer protection and promote competition

24/02/2021 - 24/02/2021

‘Power to the people: how to improve consumer protection and promote competition’


  • John Penrose MP, Chair – Conservative Policy Forum
  • Sam Bowman, Director of Competition Policy – ICLE
  • Amelia Fletcher CBE, Professor of Competition Policy – NBS and Deputy Director – Centre for Competition Policy

chaired by
Tom Clougherty
Head of Tax, Centre for Policy Studies

Post-Brexit and pandemic, putting consumers at the heart of our approach to regulation will be integral to ensuring that the UK can grow into the independent and dynamic economy it aims to be. Putting consumers first requires good regulation, and proper competition. 

In his new report Power to the People’, commissioned by the Chancellor and the Business Secretary, John Penrose MP argues that overcoming the recent threats and challenges the UK has faced will not be easy, but focusing on the right policies from the outset will undoubtedly ease the process. He offers a ‘recipe book’ of policies to boost competition and turn the UK into an economic powerhouse. 

During this event, John Penrose MP will discuss the report and its recommendations and the panel will explore the role of good regulation and competition in driving economic growth.



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