SMEs, growth, and the recovery: what role do SMEs have in the economic recovery and boosting growth?

30/11/2020 - 30/11/2020

The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting economy crisis have had a major impact on global trade and the businesses that drive it. As the UK enters a second lockdown, support from the government to all businesses, and especially SMEs, is essential as they try to get through this month and recover from the first lockdown. Between furlough and redudancy, supply chain issues and using debt to maintain cash flow levels, there are a lot of barriers SMEs are facing right now to survive and thrive. 

To discuss what could be done to support SMEs from the government and the rest of industry, as well as exploring the role SMEs could have in the economic recovery and boosting growth, we are delighted to welcome:

  • Paul Scully MP, Minister for Small Business, Consumers & Labour Markets
  • Peter Oliver, Managing Director, Small & Medium Enterprise, BT & EE
  • Martin McTague, National Vice Chair, Policy & Advocacy, FSB
  • Annie Gascoyne, Director of Economic Policy – CBI
  • Robert Colvile, Director, CPS (Chair)

The event took place on Monday 30th November at 13.00 – 14.00.